Monday, February 8, 2021

Vampiress Review: "Bram Stokers Dracula's Curse"


The Gist:  When a rogue vampire Countess and her brood break a truce between humans and vampires,  It's up to a disbanded group of vampire hunters along with the fiance of a woman kidnapped by the countess to stop them.

Female Vampire Factor: The main villain of the film is Countess Bathorly (Christina Rosenberg)

The film follows a similar premise as Kindred: The Embraced were vampires are divided into mafia style clans.  The Countess leads a clan that consists of all females.

She is pretty obviously inspired by Countess Elizabeth Bathory as her background story is exactly the same.   When it came to established vampire names, they changed a few letters I guess to establish them as their own. 

While all the other clans agreed to the truce Bathorly was nowhere to be found and presumed dead thus never agreed.  Once all the other clans became weak from not drinking human blood she sets out on a plan to send her vampiresses to hunt pure blood descendants of "Dracoolia's" original brides as drinking their blood would give them the strength to then destroy or force all the rest of the vampires to worship her.  

Most other female vamps in the film are just background T&A but there are A LOT of them.  You do get reveals that Dracoolia's brides looked exactly like the descendants that are being hunted.

Who themselves are revealed to have been turned by the films final battle including the sister of one of the vampire hunters and the missing girlfriend.

Finally the love interest of vampire hunter Jacob Van Helsing also turns out to be a vampire. The hunter in reality wants to be turned but she refuses as she loves him too much to curse him.

 She is forced to change her mind when he has fatal injuries and she turns him to save his life.


Final Opinion:  The film is probably 85% hot female vampires though they really don't do too much vampiric other than the above kidnapping and turning scenes and one scene where the boyfriend of the kidnapped girl is trained on how to kill a vampire by being confronted with a sexy vampire to see if he could do it. A scene which in itself is odd as it's addressed in the film that not all vampires are bad and they don't kill the ones who aren't and she does nothing to instigate being used for target practice. I guess we are to assume she is one of Bathorly's girls.

Otherwise they're just eye candy in the background of scenes which includes a small bit of vampire lesbianism and a lot of fight scenes.

I give this a Vampire Beauty Rating of 5 out of 5.  It's pretty corny and the ending twist is best described as super convenient as it completely nullifies the rest of the movie but it is definitely watchable if women with fangs is your thing. 

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  1. I’ve seen notice that twist. The girls bitten looked just like his brides.