Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Vampiress Review: "Evil of Dracula"


The Gist: A teacher takes a job at an all girls school that has a dark hidden secret that has resulted in girls going missing.

Clarification: The last of the Trilogy of Blood  films this is basically if you combine the Hammer films "Lust for a Vampire" with "The Satanic Rites of Dracula".  Long story short the school is run by a vampire couple and in order for people to not get suspicious the vampires take on the identities of the schools principle and his wife so you're basically rewarded for a promotion here by being murdered and having your identity stolen Joker style.  There's even a pretty graphic scene of the principals vampire wife in this film cutting the face off of one of their young victims and putting it on herself in order to take her identity and seduce the new teacher. 
Now that's some pretty hardcore stuff.

Selling Point: At the end of the day it's about vampires that like biting women in the boobs.  The storyline reason being doing that conceals the wound but let's be honest.  It's an excuse to show breasts throughout the film.

Female Vampire Factor: In true Hammer Horror fashion the movie almost immediately has our protagonist get attacked by female vampires.  In this case the principals "late" wife and a recent student that's gone missing.
Throughout the film people sneak down to the cellar where the body of the perceived dead wife of the principals coffin is where she rarely doesn't wake up and attacks her visitor.
As mentioned above she eventually removes the face of one of the school girls after she drains her and takes her identity.
This is the only time a female vamp in the film has fangs.  As seems to be a trend in these films the other girls who are bitten either disappear or kill themselves by throwing themselves off of things.
This was easily my favorite of the three films.  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 5 out of 5.  The series definitely ended on a strong note.

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