Saturday, February 2, 2019

Vampiress Episode: "Mixed Blood"

The Gist:  A human and his girlfriend panic when his human parents come to visit while they're having Thanksgiving dinner with her vampire family.

Clarification:  So the running joke is Matt's human family is completely oblivious to the fact that the obvious vampires are vampires (they are very open about what they are and their fangs are always visable).  Though they are on a detox program called BAA where they are trying to get away from drinking human blood.  Their meetings are led by a hot female vampire herself.
The least likable character in it is Matt himself who seems to act almost as if this is the first time he's finding out his girlfriend and her family are vampires in some scenes while being fully aware of this fact in others.  Not to mention how illogical his character is throughout the pilot episode as he's both extremely afraid of vampires yet is dating one who he's constantly yelling at.  The character should have been afraid but there would need to be some aspect that sells why he's with her.  Maybe he's being hypnotized or she's just so hot that she uses her sex appeal to get her way. As is he just comes off as a whiny jerk so the whole relationship makes no sense.

Selling Point: most of her family are hot female vampires.

Female Vampire Factor:  As in the selling point it's pretty straight forward, you have Matt's girlfriend Alexia
Her hot blond bartending sister Sarah
and their hot mom.
In the most cliche way possible Matt's mom ends up cutting herself carving the turkey and Alexia's mom goes to town sucking the blood from her finger and completely loses control.
The episode then fasts forward a year and now everyone is a vampire
With the exception of the parts with Matt complaining, this was a great pilot but not sure how this would go on beyond one episode unless the ending was thrown in there after the series wasn't picked up.  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 5 out of 5.  The human (hopefully toned down a bit) struggling to live in a town of vampires trying not to eat him would have made for an interesting show.

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