Sunday, May 13, 2018

Vampiress Review: "Vampire, Zombie, Werewolf"

The Gist: A web producer is invited over to a strange couples house to discuss making a web series just to find out they're both some kind of hybrid of a vampire, zombie and werewolf.

Clarification: Pretty corny comedy web series where the premise revolves around a monster hybrid couple trying to impress other vampires at a dinner party while the human web producer they brought in to help is scared out of his mind when he finds out what they are.

Selling Point:  If you like women with cloaks the last three episodes are full of them.

Female Vampire Factor:  First we have our main couple Tad and his wife Bunny (Tanya Inhen).  The story revolves more around them holding their werewolf side in so don't expect too much vampire stuff out of them though it is established early that Bunny has no self control over her hunger so there is a lot of her trying to avoid eating the human web producer.
There's nothing much to do with vampires in the series until the vampire dinner party starts in episode 7.  There we are introduced to many nameless vampires (actually they do have names in the credits but never actually used in the show).  Based on what I could figure out we have....

Joellette (Joelle Posey)
Hot blonde in sexy dress who spends the bulk of her screen time making out with her vampire boyfriend and only flashes her fangs in episode 9.

Coriolanus (Corie Meyers)
Bitchy brunette who is almost always snarling when on screen as she doesn't seem to like Bunny and Tad very much and obviously wants to eat the human web producer. 

Laurenthia (Lauren Bopp)
 Only shown on screen when they need to show a vampire hissing. 

Andphelice (Andrea Westby Toaso) & Lauralia (Laura Newfield)
They are very snobby and end up becoming victims of Bunny not being able to control her hunger but this isn't shown on screen. Basically they disappear after episode 7. 
It's a very corny comedy series as mentioned above which hinted at a season 2 but obviously nothing came of it.  If you're in it for the vampires just watch episodes 7 and 9. 

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