Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Female Vamps of "Vampirism Bites"

Vampirism Bites is a web series that ran for 4 seasons via Youtube.  The premise surrounds a girl who was turned into a vampire after a blind date and her best friend who becomes a slayer as a result of her losing control and killing her boyfriend after being turned.  After some animosity in "season zero" they come together after both double cross the vampire and slayer who train them for their roles.  Eventually the female vampire Belle finds that she is a lot more than a girl who happened to meet a vampire.  The series establishes early that vampires don't have fangs because they are required to file them down to blend in with humans but you learn late in season 1 that this doesn't effect Belle (sorta) and in Season 3 we see that "The Dracula's" fangs are retractable leaving them as the only two traditional vampires of the series.  

Belle (Natalie Baxter)
The main vampire of the series she goes from being a twilight fangirl vampire obsessed woman on a date to eventually finding out that she is the daughter of the Dracula. 

Belle II (Katie Laban)
A new actress takes over the role starting with season 2.  For whatever reason her fangs don't exist for all of season 2 in spite of season 1 explaining that hers couldn't be filed down as a sign that she is the daughter of Dracula.  They return in season 3 but again without real explanation of where they were in season 2 other than a hunter using the snarky remark when confronted by her of  "when did vampires get    cheat codes?"

Erica (Adiva Wayne)
 Side vamp of the series who is one of the Dracula's right hand.

Syd (Miranda Tully)
 One half of another Vampire/Slayer couple who take it upon them-self to train Belle and her friend Kristy when they find the two on their own. 

The Dracula (Jacquie Floyd)
The lore that this series goes by is that the true history of vampires comes from the Castlevania video games.  Van Helsing never existed and the slayers are decedents of the Belmonts of that game series.  "The Dracula" as she's referred to here is the first vampire and Dracula from the novel was her husband who she made people believe was a vampire.

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