Sunday, May 13, 2018

Vampiress Review: "The Vampire Awakens"

The Gist: Hunters travel in search of half naked female vampires.

Clarification: From the makers of "Killer Bikini Vampire Girls" this is a crowdfunded indy film funded through indiegogo.  It's quite impressive especially since it was apparently filmed using an IPhone 6S plus.  The inspiration for the film is supposedly Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens but I honestly don't see it other than maybe some slight character similarities along with the obvious Star Wars inspired beginning scroll and end credit sequences.

Selling Point: The movie is mostly really attractive half naked vampire women.  Can't beat that.

Female Vampire Factor:  As mentioned above it's basically just a T&A film. There's a storyline but it's just filler in between women in next to nothing with fangs just randomly showing up and attacking people.  None have names but honestly it doesn't really matter.
 I mean every episode just throws in fangs and women.

This definitely makes me want to go ahead and check out those bikini vampires films.  I give the films a Vampire Beauty Rating of 5 out of 5.  I mean why not?

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