Monday, September 4, 2017

Vampiress Review: Mistress of Seduction

The Gist:  A Female vampire comes to a college campus in search of the reincarnated soul of the man who killed her father while seducing and making victims of the co-eds she meets along the way.

Clarification: This is early Seduction Cinema (late 1990's/early 2000's) so for those not familiar with that basically it's scripted amateur softcore porn.  Back in the day you would buy these if you weren't old enough to get into real porn stores because it was available at regular retailers since it was softcore and story based.
I would complain about the editing but there really is no editing at least on the version I watched (The VHS version).  By that meaning every take good or bad is still in the film and in some cases multiple takes of the same scene and bloopers are still in the film.  Don't worry though.  If you're watching this for the story you've already screwed up.

Selling Point: As mentioned these types of films used to be an easy way to see some nudity that was otherwise hard to find during an era where you had to go to porn stores and pay for premium cable to see it. By todays standards there's way better stuff for free on the internet.  Honestly even by year 2000 standards this wasn't that good.

Female Vampire Factor:  The main vampire in the film is named Vamprina (Alysabeth Clements).  The backstory is she is the daughter of Dracula.  The guy she's going after is the reincarnation of the vampire hunter that killed her father. Basically she spends the entire movie seducing people by doing an Elvira impression (basically just being very sarcastic but in a sexy way). 
Pretty much all the women she encounters in the film with the exception of the first one ends up a vampire by the end.  You see them at the end looking a lot like they're going to an 80's hair band concert when they're preparing to do a soul steeling ritual. 
In the final scene the sister of the guy she's looking for gets turned and threatens to find Vamprina to avenge her brother (who commits suicide so Vamprina technically isn't responsible) setting up a possible sequel that I'd assume isn't going to happen since it's been 17 years.
I give the film a Vampire Beauty Rating of 2 out of 5.  This one is skipable.  

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