Sunday, January 15, 2017

Vampiress Review: "Vampire In Love"

The Gist:  A young vampire girl struggles with her feelings for the human boy she grew up with.

Clarification: Yes it's a vampire romance BUT it's actually a very entertaining one mainly because the vampires in it are actually vampires (not moody teenagers).  They have fangs, they feed and they have vampire related problems which this film centers around including but not limited to the fact that they recommend to the young girl that the Dracula method is the best way to take a human lover (IE stalk him, turn him and he has no choice but to stay with you).

Kiiara (the main vampire in the film)  also has the problem of being the object of the affection of an evil vampire that wants her for himself.  This brings some action elements to the film specifically the last half hour or so.

Selling Point: Good enough mix of romance, comedy and action that the film doesn't get boring.

Female Vampire Factor:  The main protagonist of the film Kiira is played by Mirei Kiritana.
With the exception of the blood lust, vampires in this universe can live generally like humans since they can exist in daytime.  They do have to avoid silver, garlic and must be invited in to enter homes but they also have the ability to erase peoples memories and teleport.   Because of this the struggle Kiira has in the film is strictly because she cares enough to no want to force the life on him.
Basically you get a lot of her holding her vampire side back as best as she can throughout the films beginning.
 The film is pretty much reverse Japanese Twilight with a personality and not drawn out over several movies.  If you're not into sappy films stay clear but it's not bad at all.  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 3 out of 5.  She fangs out a few times throughout the movie just not enough to give it a score higher than that but still enjoyable.

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