Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Vampiress Review: "Vampire in Vegas"


The Gist: Two guys setting up a pre-wedding guys night out for their friend in Vegas accidentally end up a part of a powerful vampires experiment in order to walk in the sun.

Clarification: A vampire named Sylvian wants to run for Governor of Nevada but in order to do that he needs a serum created that allows him to walk in daylight.  Witnesses to the testing (which involved three female vampires being exposed to sunlight which failed) report it to police who investigate.  While this is going on a guys friends take him to Vegas for a final guys night out before he gets married just to end up at a strip club owned by the main vampire and he just so happens to have the blood type needed to complete the serum. What makes matters worse is the nosey girlfriend of the guy throwing the bachelor party has planted a GPS tracker on them and follow them to the club putting them in danger as well.

Selling Point: Basically you have an all star cast of B grade Cinemax level porn stars and vampire "B" movie actors in a "higher than a normal budget that you'd normally see them in" PG film.

Female Vampire Factor: Only two of the female main characters in the film doesn't sport fangs at some point in the film with that being the female detective played by GiGi Erneta and the doctor creating the serum played by Delia Sheppard.  Other than that the other three main females of the film are vampires by the films end.  The first being Sylvians right hand, a stripper named Shayla aka Cinderella played by Melissa Brasselle.
She only appears sporadically in the film mostly interacting with Sylvain and her main purpose is eye candy more than as a true character important to the plot.
Then you have the girlfriends of the bachelor party goers Nikki and Rachel.
They end up sneaking into the vampire bar to catch their boyfriends actually having fun and put a stop to it but end up getting caught.  Nikki played by Brandi Rackley who was the worse of the two girlfriends in the "paranoid bitchiness" department gets turned immediately and has no issues transitioning into a bloodthirsty killer and turning on her friends.
Rachel (Sonya Joy Sims) on the other hand is more "naggy" than anything so she doesn't transition whatsoever.  The above video is where Nikki tries to get Rachel to feed for the first time which she doesn't.  Rachel only fangs out briefly one time when her fiance comes to rescue her but never does again and is human again by the films finale through the death of the main vampire. The film also has multiple vampire strippers that get super limited fang time as well who are used to capture the guys but those are one off appearances.
Not a terrible film though pretty corny as most horror films with Tony Todd are. I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 4 out of 5.  Despite a strip club setting not a T&A vampire film whatsoever and actually takes itself seriously.  If you want to get a T&A Brandi Rackley film check out Twilight Vamps where she's the main vampire.

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