Friday, September 21, 2012

Vampiress Review: "The Moth Diaries"

The Gist: A student at an all girls school becomes jealous of the attention a new girl is getting from her friends and suspects her popularity is because she is a vampire who is using it to suck the life out of the students.

Clarification:  Rebecca (Sarah Bolger) is the tortured daughter of a famous writer who killed himself (and she discovered the body).   Because of that fact anything she says is pretty much ignored throughout the movie because every adult thinks she's having a nervous breakdown except for the one vampire obsessed English teacher who just wants to get into what's under Rebecca's plaid schoolgirl skirt (and gets away with trying due to people already thinking she's crazy thus ignoring her "the handsome English teacher tried to have sex with me" statement that followed her accusations of the new girl being a vampire.)  That unfortunately means she has to sit back and helplessly watch as her best friend Lucie (Sarah Gadon) gets sicker and sicker from what she believes is her hanging out with new girl Ernessa.  To think, if it weren't for Rebecca just happening to learn about the story of Carmilla in class, she wouldn't even know the warning signs of lesbian vampirism (this movie is a modern twist on the novel in which "The Vampire Lovers" was based on). 

Selling Point: basically its a story about schoolgirls in love.

Female Vampire Factor: You've got only one and honestly it's only implied that she is a vampire but could have actually been something else entirely

Lily Cole (Ernesssa)
The British runway model turned actress and Playboy covergirl (The French version) starred as the ultra creepy "Ernessa".  She seemed like any other stereotypical goth girl often isolating herself from others and being very cryptic when she was around people but the longer she was around the more people seemed to want to be around her and not notice the creepiness.  Eventually only Rebecca seemed to notice things like Ernessa standing outside their window nightly and even flying.  Her magic must have been extremely powerful as she was not subtle at all.  Unless of course wherever this takes place rain made of blood happens regularly (below).  

In the end I'm not convinced she was a Vampire at all (thus making this not a real vampire movie).  She didn't have fangs, came out in the daytime and during some points in the film seemed almost like a figment of Rebecca's imagination ala Vampires Kiss.  Frankly the only vampiric thing she did was at the 30 minutes mark of the movie in which Ernessa was either biting Lucie or just having lesbian sex with her or both (right).  In the end this was more of a chick flick in the same token as something you'd see on the Lifetime network or an after school special more than it was a vampire horror flick.  With that I give this film a Vampire Beauty rating of 2 out of 5.

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