Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Vampiress Episode: "Power Rangers Mystic Force"

"The Stranger Within Parts 1 & 2"
Season 1
Episodes 8 & 9

Power Rangers Mystic Force is the 14nth American incarnation of the "Power Rangers" franchise which started with 1993's "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers".  Every encarnation of the series usually revolves around five teenagers being given ninja powers and the control of giant robots so the only thing that sets the shows apart tends to be the background of the powers themselves.  In this case the group also has magic "Harry Potter" like abilities to go along with their ninja abilities. 

Airing in 2006 the series is based on the Japanese series Mahou Sentai Magiranger.  In this two part episode, Vida aka the Pink Ranger is taken to a rave where the hottest new DJ in town is playing. What they don't know is the hot new DJ is really evil monster "Flytrap" in disguise and the music he's playing has the ability to turn anyone who listens into a bloodthirsty vampire.   When Vida returns to "Rootcore" (their base of operation) seeming very different it doesn't take fellow ranger Chip aka the Yellow Ranger (who is also a Jr. Vampire Slayer) long to put two and two together. 
Vampiress Cast

Angie Diaz (Vida Rocca)
The Punk Rock loving Pink Ranger comes back from her rave experience looking pretty pale and not able to function too well during the day time.  Chip eventually tests her by offering her tomato juice which she mistakes for blood.  She plays it off to the other Rangers but when she's alone with Chip does fang out to him.  Chip being a Jr. vampire hunter does everything he can to help her out and she appreciates it though throughout the two episodes she does attempt to go after his neck at what seems like every turn she gets (apologizing each time as she just can't help it).

Ayumi Beppu (Houka Ozu)
As stated above this show is based on the Japanese series Mahou Sentai Magiranger.  With that being said let me introduce you to the pink Magiranger from that series, Houka.  It just so happens that in episode eleven of her series titled Night of the Vampires the EXACT same stuff seems to happen to her that happens to Vida.  Small world eh?

So there you have it, two continents (Vida is Australian by the way) two pink rangers and the exact same plot.  In both cases they're cured by the end of the episode but if you're going to have short term vampires on a show like this I'm happy it was the Pink ranger.  On a side note Amy Jo Johnson aka the original pink ranger from the 1993 series plays a vampire as well in the 1999 straight to DVD film Cold Hearts

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