Sunday, February 20, 2022

Vampiress Review: Apostle of Dracula

The Gist: A woman wakes up on a boat with amnesia and as she explores her surroundings starts to piece together that she is a vampire caught between the vampire who turned for wanting her back and hunters wanting to save her. 

Female Vampire Factor:  The main character of the film is Lucy (Nathalie Legosles)

The film starts with her wandering around a city after leaving a boat with no memory of who she is and why she's there, she notices people following her and she gets a strange call from a guy wanting to know where she is. 

From there we get a flashback that the woman we're watching is Lucy, presumably the inspiration for Bram Strokers novel.  The people following her are Dr. Van Helsing and his assistant Seward and the guy on the phone with her is Dracula himself.  
From there the film is basically the story of Lucy's relationship with Dracula revealing finally that she is actually a vampire and Van Helsing is trying to save her soul with their last meeting being Lucy trying to seduce and feed on him. 

Back in present time we find that Lucy takes medication to be able to hold her vampire side back but without it she struggles.  Dracula takes her away and lure Van Helsing to them.  Once there Lucy is full on vampire and feeds on Seward as Van Helsing goes after Dracula.

 In the end Dr Van Helsing realizes that Dracula's portrait is his weakness.  He tears the portrait up which weakens Dracula enough for him to stake him through the heart.  This results in Lucy becoming Human again.  

Final Opinion: My main complaint with this film is how long it takes to get to the point.  It's not a very long film but a good portion of the film nothing really happens.  Lots of fancy camera angles and cinematography just to watch people walk or talk basically.  It isn't until about the fifty minute mark where stuff actually happens and that last 20 minutes includes some of the worst fighting scenes you'll ever see.  Despite that I give it a Vampire Beauty rating of 4 out of 5.  Lucy's fang scenes are pretty above average, all 2 of them. If the film was more about her turning and the struggles and not about her amnesia this would be quite memorable. 

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