Sunday, September 13, 2020

Vampiress Review: "The Temperature of Darkness"

The Gist: When a real estate agent and his friends stay at a summer house that is being purchased by a strange eastern European captain one of the house mates begins to show vampiric tendencies.

Female Vampire Factor:  There is only one and that's the character Lucy.
 No fangs, just pale makeup. To make matters worse the scene where she first turns isn't even visible because the camera person is literally running away from her along with the main character so all you get is blurry shaky camera.
And the second time she does it's done off camera which doesn't even matter because the screen is so dark with the blue filter that if it was on camera you wouldn't see anything anyway.

Final Opinion:  The film itself comes off as a feature length student film that you would see on Youtube.   Poor audio in outdoor scenes, no transition shots to help separate scenes and instead you deal with jump cuts with stuff just happening and you just having to figure out where you are in the stories timeline. Worst of all, using a filter for night scenes with no extra lighting leads to your ethnic actors barely being visible in those scenes.  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 1 out of 5. Basically its an attempt at the retelling of the Dracula story but in a modern way which the film acknowledges with one of the characters literally pointing it out. There is an almost mobster story line as well in there but it isn't very well flushed out much like the rest of the film.  Just way too many issues for a movie this long to be watchable.


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    1. The hope for all my posts is to give people enough info on a movie to know whether it's worth spending their time on. Better to look here and find out it's not worth seeing than to waste an hour and a half just on the promise that there's a female vampire just to find out the hard way the film has no payoff or in this case they just went to the makeup department at Party City.

    2. Good point. It’s really helped me for that reason