Saturday, November 23, 2019

Vampiress TV Review: "Red Ruby"

The Gist: A high school students life is changed forever when a girl who used to live in his home who went missing in a cave accident in 1994 returns as a vampire and seeks his support.

Female Vampire Factor:  Ruby and her friends went down into a cave where a landslide resulted in them becoming trapped.  They thought they were rescued when a woman named Claudia came and found them but instead they were turned into vampires and held captive.
Thanks to fracking being done in the town they were eventually unearthed and allowed to roam their hometown for the first time in 25 years.

Ruby is the title character.  In spite of being a vampire she has maintained her morals and refuses to give in to what she is.  Her first instinct once freed after 25 years was to go to her childhood home. Once she got there she found that her parents were gone and her childhood best friend Maya now lives in the home who is now an adult.  In an awkward twist Ruby begins to gain feelings for her friends son Theo who is the same age that she was when she was turned.

Also trapped in the cave but unlike Ruby Amber lost her humanity during that 25 years. Originally an unassuming shy person she began a relationship with one of the guys down there with them named Ian which brought her out of her shell.  Upon their escape Amber and Ian began a rampage around the city attacking and feeding off the unassuming towns people.

The only vampire who never shows her fangs or is seen feeding.  Instead of giving into her fate as a vampire she spends her entire vampire existence planning on how she can kill Claudia, not only for turning them but for feeding on and killing her dying brother who was trapped in the cave with them.

The Vampire who turns the children.  We never find out what Claudia's motivations were for turning them.  She does reach out to Ruby and talks to her in a motherly fashion but her only purpose in the series first season is as the scapegoat for recent crimes happening in the area that she is being framed for by Maisie.


The daughter of the president of the fracking company responsible for releasing the vampires. As part of Maisie's plan to get rid of Claudia Annabelle gets kidnapped by Maisie and leads her father to believe Claudia did it. In the finale of the first season once she's rescued Theo who always had a crush on Annabelle is surprised to be asked out by her.  The last scene before the episode ends is Annabelle accidentally cutting her finger on her locker and as she bleeds it's revealed that she is also now a vampire.

Final Opinion: It's a solid premise of a show but way too dramatic for my taste.  The female vamps of the series seemingly spend more time crying than anything else.  If there is a season 2 it seems to be promising with the 3 female vamps of the cave coming together to go vampire hunting and Theo's possible relationship with vampire Annabelle.  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 4 out of 5.
As a bonus probably the hottest thing about the series is the music video for it's theme song "Run You Down" by Australian singer Indiana Massara.  In it she sings the song as a seductive vampiress.

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