Saturday, November 23, 2019

Vampiress Review: "魔女乌龙院 (Mysterious School)"

The Gist: A young girl is transferred to a school for witches though there is one problem.  Her powers have not developed yet.  This results in her being shunned by the other students.  To make matters worse students at the school are being attacked by vampires and disappearing.

Female Vampire Factor: The Vampire who is leading the attacks on the school is the sister of the only teacher in the school.  Queen Fiona
The witch school itself is broken into cliques that the girls hang in with each clique having their own distinct look.  You have the Goth Girls and your cheerleaders (below) as well as several other groups including Kung Fu Fighters, School Girls, glamour girls, girls obsessed with social media and so on.  Each group also has their own specialized powers appropriate to them.
As the vampires attack and turn the girls their only real change is adding a cloak to their individual cliques look.
Only one girl shows fangs in the film.  One of the goth girls Zi Yan is attacked and her unconscious body is brought back to the school.  As they are tending to her she wakes up, sprouts fangs and attacks Jack the teacher as well as the main character Beibei.
This becomes a turning point in the film as it's the point where Beibeis powers finally show itself as they prevent Zi Yan from biting her.

Final Opinion: The Concept is decent and I found it entertaining but not that great of a vampire film.  In fact it comes off more as a one hour K-pop video than it does a real movie as girls doing random girly stuff and music montages seem to be the most prevalent thing in the film.  The tone of the film outside of those things are about equal to an episode of the Power Rangers.  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 3 out of 5.

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