Sunday, September 29, 2019

Vampiress Review: Lilith (2013)

The Gist: A Vampire meets a call girl and they develop a fast relationship where they help each other out with their problems.

Female Vampire Factor: The film immediately introduces us to our vampire protagonist where we're shown that she struggles with what she is.  Not wanting to kill she attempts to feed from blood bags but her body immediately rejects it.
When she goes out she sees a prostitute being manhandled by one of her clients and she steps in to save her.
The prostitute then takes the vampire back to her brothel where she introduces her to the owner and she is given a job.  On her first night one of the brothels regulars gets a bit too handsy with the vampire girl who then uses her strength against him to the delight of her prostitute friend. We then find that the relationship between the two is more than just platonic as the two kiss.
The prostitute caring too much about the vampire tells her to leave as she doesn't want her to be in that lifestyle.  The next day we see the vampire going through a truck full of medical supplies looking for more blood bags.  When the driver of the truck comes back he informs her if she has cash he has no problem getting her the blood she needs.
She does not which brings her back to the brothel to make money.  The handsy client from before returns and picks her for sex.  When he gets too physical with her she decapitates him with our last view being her covered in his blood holding his head.

Final Opinion: Not much to go on as a vampire movie as the vampire in this story goes out of her way to not do anything vampiric.  I give this film a Vampire Beauty Rating of 1 out of 5.  Outside of the establishing that she lives on blood bags this can pretty much pass as any movie about girls who do sex work out of necessity as even the lesbian relationship never really gets any screen time once established.

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