Sunday, September 29, 2019

Vampiress Review: "Daytime"

The Gist: A musician falls in love with a nightclub singer who ends up being a vampire and their relationship struggles dealing with her lack of control of her blood lust.

Female Vampire Factor: We start with a guy named Andre watching a woman named Rose singing at a club.  He confronts her saying he's tired of waiting in order to see her then they kiss.
8 months later they're together in a van.  We see that they're out of vials of something.  She asks Andre who is now her boyfriend if he loves her unconditionally.  He says yes and they begin to make out in the back of the van.  She then sprouts fangs and bites him as we find out she's a vampire. 
She panics and takes off.  We then see that she has thoughts of feeding on him that she struggles with whenever they're close.
She eventually comes back to the van where Andre tries to convince her that it's time to move on to the next city.  She instead convinces him to go to a bar for a night out. Again they begin to kiss resulting in her thinking about biting him. She gives the excuse that she has to go to the bathroom but ends up instead finding a random guy to feed on but gets caught before she can do it.
The guy ends up hitting Rose with a bottle and Andre attacks him in order to defend her.  When Andre goes to see if Rose is ok her blood lust leads her to attack him.
She comes to her senses just in time and they argue with Rose trying to convince Andre that he is better off without her before she eventually starts getting very ill.
We then find out that this was really a story Andre wrote for his girlfriend Rose who in actuality is in drug rehab showing that the blood lust in the story was just an analogy for her heroin addiction.

Final Opinion: I've always preferred vampire films where vampirism isn't just a personality trait or an alternative lifestyle but instead something that can't be controlled so the drug addiction analogy is perfect as it's never made sense to me in media where vampires never deal with uncontrollable blood lust and live perfectly normal lives.  Vampires should be monsters and Rose definitely falls into that category even if a sympathetic one.  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 4 out of 5

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