Friday, August 16, 2019

Vampiress Review: "Invite Only"

The Gist: A female Vampire takes a liking to a young woman staying in a hotel alone and turns her.

Female Vampire Factor: We start off with a woman coming to a hotel room and doing her best to get herself  invited in by the occupant of the room explaining that she's hotel staff.
Once she makes her way into the room by using the "your window is stuck and I can help you close it" line she seduces and has sex with the hotel guest then feeds on her. 
The next morning the victim wakes up explaining she's changed then opening the curtains in her room resulting in the vampire who turned her burning in the sunlight (the victim hides under the bed to escape the same fate).
After dawn the fledgling vampire wakes up with blood thirst.  She goes to a local park and stalks a couple but backs off at the last second when they notice her.
She then goes to a river bank apparently thinking of committing suicide.  That's when the vampire who turned her shows up and explains she was chosen and their meeting wasn't random (also explaining that sunlight only burns vampires but doesn't kill them).  She then sells her on the positives of vampirism (basically selling it as they can be superhero's saving people by only feeding on the sick and the wicked) and that she will teach her the ways. 
We then get a montage of the duo feeding on drug addicts, abusers and an elderly man.
Years later a group of vampire hunters find the couple. They kill the head vampire and warn the fledgling that if she doesn't leave town the same will happen to her.  She does not take this well and we see the fledging fang out over her lovers decapitated head.
 From here the fledgling goes on a rampage where we see her go after everyone involved in killing her lover then breaking down once she has her revenge.
The film ends with the girl, no longer a fledgling finding another woman on the same river bank she was going to jump off of.  The suicidal woman convinces the vampiress to turn her, starting the cycle all over. 

Final Opinion:  You can't really go wrong with a lesbian vampire love story that is straight and to the point. The fact that they are indeed vampires first and a couple second is a real selling point as a lot of films like this tend to concentrate on the relationships and absolutely forget about the supernatural aspect of the story.  I give this a Vampire Beauty Rating of 5 out of 5. I absolutely recommend it.

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