Friday, August 16, 2019

Vampiress Review: "All My Friends are Vampires"

The Gist: A short film about a day in the life of a girl who works in a day spa full of vampires.

Female Vampire Factor: The bulk of the film is basically a run of the mill film where very little interesting actually happens.  You go back and forth between an older bitter and angry woman named Valerie who complains about everything and a girl who is complaining to her spa co workers about her love life named Kate.
When Valerie goes to the spa for her massage the power goes out and Kate is sent what feels like to the next county to where the breaker is to get the power back on.  Once she does one of her spa co-workers she doesn't like Mya attacks her and tries to bite her.
Meanwhile back at the spa pretty much everyone else who was in the film up to that point sprouts fangs and feeds on Valerie.
When Kate comes back after stopping her co-worker from killing her she asks for the rest of the day off as if it was a minor inconvenience.  When she gets back to her place the Dr. boyfriend she broke up with confesses his love for her.  They go up to her place and when it looks like they're about to get hot and heavy he sprouts fangs and bites her.

Final Opinion:  I love the premise as the way it's set up if it weren't for the title giving it away you wouldn't know it's a vampire movie until the very end and even then you're confused about the situation since the very mortal female doesn't act like anything is wrong in spite of you eventually realizing she's always in danger.  Her going through the day like everything is normal is literally her ignoring the reality that at any moment she can be attacked.  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 4 out of 5.

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