Sunday, April 21, 2019

Vampiress TV Review: "Chica Vampiro"

The Gist: The teenage daughter of a couple of vampires who decided not to be like her parents and to live as a human has that decision taken from her when her parents decide to turn her in order to save her after being victim of what would be an otherwise fatal accident. Now she must come to terms with life trying not to eat her friends.

Clarification: The gist makes the show come off a lot darker than it is but this is your basic Nickelodeon style teen show about kids at school getting into goofy social situations so don't expect anything more than comedy kids show drama, even when it comes to scenes dealing with people near death.
In fact this show even aired on the Latin American version of that network as the show was based in Columbia. 

Female Vampire Factor:

Daisy O'brian (Greeicy Rendon)
Basic premise of the show is Daisy is a vampire who comes from a family of vampires. She gets turned and now every time she's around the guy she has a crush on Max (who's human) she wants to feed on him.  Not only does she have to go to school with humans but she also has to go to a school that teaches her how to be a vampire.  As the series progresses the vampire school and human school cross paths resulting in various humans being turned.  She aspires to be an actress and much of the show revolves around her acting at school in musicals. 

Marilyn Garces (Lorena Garcia)

The other girl who wants Max's attention and Daisy's main competition in love and acting.  She is basically your mean girl type though it is all a front and does eventually become aware that Daisy and her family are vampires though has a problem with trying to prove it to others.   Eventually in the series she is turned by the vampire Mirco.

Lucia (Estefania Escabar)
Daisy's best friend, Lucia is the only person she tells after she becomes a full blown vampire and ends up being the one who keeps her out of trouble in most social situations.  She herself is obsessed with vampires and loves when she find out they're real.  Eventually she falls in love with the vampire Mirco to the point of obsession but he at this point is only into Daisy who he believes is his destiny (which she obviously disagrees with). She is eventually turned and Mirco warms up to her and they end up together but it takes some time.

Zaira Workshokt (Suzana Posada)
A teacher at the vampire school, Zaira also has a thing for the vampire Mirco and really wants his attention but she's been friend zoned by him.  She has the ability to manipulate time which is very convenient for times when people might accidentally find out the truth about what they are.

Julieta Vladimorf (Lala Aguirre)
 100 year old vampire trapped in the body of a little girl she is the vampire Mirco's little sister.  She ends up meeting Daisy's little brother Vincente online and they become best friends though their family's don't get along.

Catalina Vladimorf (Norma Nivia)
Mirco and Julieta's mother she is your stereotypical vampire vixen.  Very seductive and manipulative she has a thing for Daisy's father and as such doesn't get along very well with her mother.

Ana Mclairn (Jacqueline Arenal)
 Daisy's mom, Always dealing with Catalina trying to steal her husband.   She is the complete opposite of Catalina as she seems to try to fit in more with humans.

Maria Mclairn (Linda Lucia Callejas)
Daisys Grandmother and apparently a former bride of Dracula.  Her and Ana have more of a sisterly bond than that of a mother and daughter.

Professor Elizabeth Pavlova (Maia Landaburu)
 Daisy's musical theater teacher. She is bitten and turned by one of Mirco's friends.  She's a bit of a prude and control freak though when she lets her hair down is surprisingly hot.

Isadora Rasmussen (Larissa Barthem)
 Daisy's vampire rival/Freinamy, she isn't very good about controling herself around humans and even turns Daisy's boyfriends best friend.

Esmeralda Vladimoff (Chiara Francia)
She is the human step daughter of Catalina and Step sister of Mirca and Julietta.  She initally lives totally in the dark about her vampiric family but that changes when she gets too close to Daisy's younger brother resulting in her step sister Julieta getting very jealous about it biting her and turning her.

Final Opinion:  Can't really go wrong with the concept of this series.  Teenage vampire girl dealing with her hormones as well as bloodlust at the same time with side stories about her vampire family dealing with vampire problems. It is spanish language only but otherwise this is highly recommended viewing.


  1. So since this is a kids show they’re probably isn’t any real seductive bite scenes?

    1. Isadora is the only character that seduces her intended victim on the show as her powers do include hypnosis and she is pretty much the only vampire that isn't trying to fight what she is but she's a side character you don't see often.

      The show is aimed at older teens so there are some episodes where Daisy wears some pretty revealing outfits but she's trying to fight her vampire side so even though she fangs out pretty much any time she sees blood or a neck she's avoiding giving in to it and not actively hunting.