Sunday, April 14, 2019

Vampiress Review: "Gravebit"

The Gist: After a vampire slayer saves a doctors daughter from a vampire who was feeding on her at night he along with the girls sister go hunting for the source of the vampires.

Female Vampire Factor: In Episode 3 titled "House Call" the slayer finally catches the night stalking vampire in the act. She is then run off and staked in Episode 4 "The Hunt".

In Episode 6 "Worse Than Worst" a group of amateur hunters corner a vampire and are quickly outmatched by her.

 In Episode 7 "Last Chance" The group after killing one vampire is met with a group of vampires to deal with.

In Episode 8 "A Fate Sealed" The vampire queen Carmella presents herself to the vampire hunter Dayton.  Meanwhile her brood goes to attack the rest of the crew.

In Episode 9 "Ghost Town" The vampires lour Abigails sister Laura to them and feeds on her in front of Abigail.

In Episode 10 "Carmella" the crew of vampire slayers track down the vampires layer in order to take them out while Dayton is presented and seduced by the real Carmella.

Final Opinion:  This is a 10 part web series where each episode only runs roughly 5 minutes in length followed by one of the characters giving a blog related to the episode afterword.  The only real complaint I have regarding it is that the last episodes attempt at drama felt real forced as the amateur vampire slayers characters weren't really built up enough for anything happening to them to really draw an emotional response not to mention you're literally told during the earlier episodes they're not good at what they do which pretty much foreshadows "don't get attached".  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 3 out of 5.  Might have gotten a 4 if Abigail or her sister Laura would have turned.

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