Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Time to expand

When I started this site back in 2011 it was basically a hobby that took care of two things. 

1. Gave use to my obsession of vampire films.
2. Let me get to know many of those out there that share that same love.

Since then this has gone from an occasional hobby to do in my free time to practically a full time thing. I find myself spending the bulk of my time either sifting through movies I receive constantly trying to find ones good enough to review all the while going through tons of e-mails with pictures as well as websites of women looking for promotion or fans of sites that they feel should be promoted. Slowly but surely this has become an outlet for amateur models and film makers to showcase their product and I'm proud to have had a hand in helping people get their projects in front of eyes (even if at times that has meant bashing a movie or two).

As you've probably noticed updates have been few and far between over the past few weeks.  That's because I've been approached regarding a expansion so to speak of this site which has taken a lot of my time. With this expansion would include original female vampire related material on top of the vampire reviews and galleries that you see currently. 

While the site does get some ad revenue it will take a bit more funding to pull this off.  One choice would be to start introducing paid content.  That will be a worst case scenario.  The other choice is to do a fund raiser so that's where we'll start.

- So here is what I'm offering.  For every $1000 raised I will upload a new movie in it's entirety to the site.  It will be a vampire beauty rated 5 out of 5 film and it will be chosen by post popularity.  That means for example if 100 people donate $10 a new movie is posted.

- If a total of $5,000 is raised the entire cum vampires library (which is being donated as part of this fund raiser) will be uploaded to be viewed.

- On top of that anyone who donates $400 or more will be offered a custom clip from their choice of a vampire model featured on this site.  The list of available models to choose from will be e-mailed once the donation is received.  

I want to thank everyone in advance for participating and if you can't donate at least get the word out.  If all goes well we could see new original content being uploaded regularly in a month.


  1. Has there been enough donations yet for the entire library?

  2. Just sent $10 and hope you are keeping up with this.