Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rise and Fall of the Cum Vampires

CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT HOW TO SEE THE FULL LIBRARY OF CUM-VAMPIRE CLIPS!! was a combination fang fetish/female domination and oral sex fetish website that was active from 2008 to 2011.

The concept of the site was that it was supposed to be journal entries from a researcher who came across a brood of female vampires who primarily feed off the semen of men they kidnap. This would be followed by "hidden camera" scenes of women complete with fangs performing oral sex on guys, Originally the guys were normally tied up but in later years it became consensual.  Also every once in a long while you would get scenes of a vampire creating another vampire.  This usually was a lesbian sex scene and is the only time any actual biting would be involved.

So what went wrong?  Several things kept this concept from having long term success.  The first problem was the quality of the scenes itself.  This was an amateur porn site attempting a storyline driven premise.  This kind of thing seems simple with professionals as you've seen if you've accessed my vampire porn star gallery but as far as regular Jack and Jill off the street trying their hands at acting?  It was as bad as you can imagine ESPECIALLY with the scripts (or ad libbing, can't really tell) that they worked with.  On top of that, for a site called "cum-vampires" I'm pretty sure most of these girls wanted nothing to do with the stuff and really didn't hide that fact.

Then you have the looks factor of the girls.  During the early years of the site I would say they were mostly 6's and 7's out of ten. My favorites being Katerina B (who's acting was HORRIBLE but was hot) and Caren (who other than Monika Maple was one of the few that could actually pull off the acting portion) As the years went on, those 6's and 7's would get the "whereabouts unknown" label on their models page and be replaced with 3's and 4's.     

and finally you have the update frequency.  It started out with updates once every two weeks of a scene 10 minutes or less long.  Problem is the site billed you monthly.  That every two week update then started slipping to once a month, then once every 3 months to the point that joining the site was almost a gamble in hoping for an update.  At least with since you were only billed per use of the site even if they didn't update frequently you got your moneys worth be being able to choose how many updates you felt was worth what they were charging.

Sadly it was a great concept that just fell short in the execution portion of the plan.  All that's left now are the memories.  Well and this blog update of mine featuring pics of Katerina B and Monika Maple as well as some videos.  Enjoy

So reading the comments below I see many of the readers were fans of this site and have requested more videos from it.  I will begin updating this page with more videos as I find them so check back regularly!


  1. Hi,

    If you are interested I have all videos and pictures of the cum-vampires site available, as well as quite a few other erotic vampiress bit(e)s and pieces.

    Best wishes,


    1. Hi, I too lost all of mine, where can I upload them from please?

    2. Did you get them? i lost all of the videos long time ago and want them back too.

  2. Anonymous... I would be interested in the videos!

  3. Yeah, can you upload them or something, lost them when i had to format my hdd.

  4. I loved porn film and sexual education . I think it is a horror film with best 10 porn . ere is how it was when I was a kid. We discovered about sex in university, in cathedral, and of course, in our communities. Some children had little comics with dedicated sex illustrations

  5. One of my favorite websites of all time. After a fight my wife deleted all of my videos. I mourn them. I had an email correspondence with the webmaster/owner when the website was active I suggested some videos of women being turned into cum-vampires. I think we got one or two of those. My biggest regret that I was joking around and volunteered to be a "victim". The person said yes and come on up to Canada and we'll film you. I never got the chance to do it. I miss the videos and would love to see them again.

  6. I have CV45 and 46 if you want them, do you have a Dropbox I can post them to?

    1. Hi there,
      I was a model for this site and others (my name was Kensington with milked-males) and I would love to get a copy of some of the shoots (including my own).