Saturday, May 29, 2021

Vampiress Review: "Crucible of the Vampire"


The Gist: A female researcher is sent to an old manor in search of the missing half of an old cauldron unaware that those who live there are part of a cult who worships vampires and the daughter of the owner of the house happens to be one. 

Female Vampire Factor: As mentioned the daughter of the manor Scarlet is the main vampire and is played by Florence Cady.

Throughout most of the film she comes off very normal other than being a bit snobby.  The first hint that she might be a bit different is partway through the film when the researcher Izabelle has very sexual dreams about her.  The most graphic being one that ends with Scarlet going full lesbian on Izabelle before fanging out and biting her.

It isn't until the end that she finally shows her true form after she realizes that Izabelle has killed her father who along with the rest of the cult were trying to sacrifice her.  She then chases Izabelle around the manor for the remainder of the film trying to avenge him.

During this chase Izabelle also runs into a woman only referred to as the "Dark Lady of the Manor" who seemingly is the vampire who the cult worships.

In the end it looks like Izabelle has escaped. The dark lady burns in the sun going after her and Scarlet has fallen possibly to her death.  Looks are deceiving though as one of the last scenes shows that Izabelle has herself turned (Scarlet bit her in the arm during a fight scene as she was trying to escape). 

She then returns to the manor where Scarlet is shows to still be alive.

Final Opinion: Critics tore this film apart but honestly I can't disagree with them more.  While the film does seemingly take forever to get to the point at no time in it was I ever bored or un-entertained.  On top of that Scarlet was definitely my favorite type of vampire as she was a full on seductress who very much enjoyed haunting Izabelle to a level that I started getting some "Vampire Lovers" Camilla Karnstein vibes from her.  In fact I would best describe this film as Vampire Lovers meets the Shinning.  I'm going all in by giving it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 5 out of 5 as I found Scarlet that good being the sexy/scary chick once she got in that mode.

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