Sunday, January 5, 2020

Vampiress Review: "Children of the Night (1991)"

The Gist: A school teacher ends up in a backwoods town just to find it is over run by vampires and its up to him to save a teenage girl who the vamps want for her virgin blood.

Female Vampire Factor: The whole town is made of vampires so there's that but this is definitely not a film about glam vamps as all of them are pretty ugly and goulish looking.
There is one scene in which the above vampire Karen (the late Karen Black) seduces a priest she had an affair with.  He has her and her daughter locked in a room and she taunts him throughout the film.  During this one scene she transforms herself to look the way she used to look before she was turned.
Of course the priest falls for this, comes into the room and swiftly becomes her snack.

Final Opinion: Basically this is a less entertaining version of the film "A Return to Salem's Lot" which did the "creepy town overrun by vampires with an outsider finding out" story four years earlier. I wouldn't recommend either as far as must watch though.  I give this a Vampire Beauty Rating of 2 out of 5.

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