She wants to suck your blood....and you want to let her

Female Vampire News   
- 9/14 Added a new commercial to "Vampiress' in Advertising"
- Added photos of Laeann Amos to "The Vampire Photo Shoot" gallery
- UPDATE Two major big screen vampire franchises being rebooted!
- Vampire actress auditions for X-Factor
- Added video for "Live Forever" to "Vamp Music Videos"
- Added the female vampires from Scrubs to "The Vampire Cameo"
- Added blog The Sexy Female Vamps of Dark Shadows
- Updated the Sexy Female Vamps of True Blood
- Added Ludella Hahn to Amateur Gallery
- "Baby Vamp Jessica" vlogs are back. 
- True Blood Season 6 DVD now available
- Female Vampire actress quits "The Originals"
- Tekken game franchise introduces new female vampire character
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