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Female Vampire News   
- Updated "Playboys Sexy Girls Next Door", "Deadly Love" and "Beyond Reality" reviews with video
- Lady GaGa set to play a vampire on FX TV show
- Updated "Cum-Vampires.com" entry with more videos!!
- Updated "Celebrity Photo Shoots" Gallery
- Reboot announced for "League of Extraordinary Gentleman"
 - Added Bratty Bunny and Miss Untamed to Amateur Vampire Gallery
- Added Angela Summers to Vampire Porn Stars Gallery 
- Nina Dobrev leaving Vampire Diaries
- Smosh asks What if Vampire TV shows were realistic
- Added Jaclyn Swedberg to Playmate Vampires Gallery
- Updated Celebrity Vampire Costumes with 2014 Edition
- Added Playboy Halloween ad to "Vampiress in Advertising" gallery 
- Added 3 new models to The Vampires of SouthernCharms.com gallery
- Underworld franchise to be expanded, Kate Beckinsale could be returning!
- Twilight to return on a small scale
- UPDATE Two major big screen vampire franchises being rebooted!
- Vampire actress auditions for X-Factor
- Added video for "Live Forever" to "Vamp Music Videos"
- Added the female vampires from Scrubs to "The Vampire Cameo"
- Added blog The Sexy Female Vamps of Dark Shadows
- Updated the Sexy Female Vamps of True Blood
- "Baby Vamp Jessica" vlogs are back. 
- True Blood Season 6 DVD now available

- Tekken game franchise introduces new female vampire character
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