Thursday, December 29, 2011

Website review: "XXXVAMPIRESEX.COM"

For quite a long time the folks at "Adult World Media" have been giving us some great high quality vampire related porn with the "XXXHorror" site.  Problem is (at least for us) is that it was not just a site for vampire related adult entertainment so if you signed up for the site you might have to wait MONTHS just to get a good update of "A" list porn starlets with fangs as you sorted through all kind of weirdness including demons and devils.  Now they have decided they are going to give us what we want and have a website 100% dedicated to vampires!   The quality is exactly the same as the original site and is updated just as frequently.  No need to take my word for it though.  For your enjoyment here are some links to just some of the new sites content!,2400,2,30188,

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