Sunday, March 27, 2016

Vampiress Review: "Byzantium"

The Gist:  A vampire forever stuck as a teenager struggles with falling in love with a young boy with cancer while dealing with her overbearing vampire mother.

Clarification:  Artsy vampire film.  The title Bysantium refers to the hotel that they live in after the mother (posing as a prostitute) befriends the owner who inherited it but was down on his luck and lonely.  He gets the company of a blood sucking super hot MILF and in return she gets to run his hotel as a brothel.  The bulk of the film is an origin story with majority of the modern day plot just leading to flashbacks of how the two eventually became vampires.

Selling Point: As stated.  It's very artsy so if that's your thing than here you go.

Female Vampire Factor:  The two main characters as mentioned are female vampires.
 First you have Eleanor played by Saoirse Ronan.
Eleanor is the girl forever stuck at the age of 16 living with her mother.  Though she is a vampire she was not raised by her mother who gave her up to a monistary when she was an infant leaving her to be raised by nuns.  Because of this she has morals and values and is a good person who does not agree or like the lifestyle her mother has her living in.  She feeds only on elderly people who are ready to die and is tired of being "alone".  After she falls for a young cancer stricken boy she writes to him her life story so there will be no secrets between them.  This leads to conflict because he doesn't believe her and gives the story to a teacher at school which resulting in the school doing a welfare check and a vampire brotherhood coming after them for breaking the #1 vampire rule of not telling people about their existence.
Then there's Eleanors mother Clara played by Gemma Arterton.
She is the sex appeal of the film.  A prostitute with hundreds of years of experience she knows how to manipulate men to do her bidding and run a brothel thanks to her years of working at one when she was human.  She is very protective of Eleanor for good reason though since she isn't honest with Eleanor it eventually leads her daughter to believe that she's just overprotective and keeping her against her will. 

These vampires aren't the traditional ones with fangs as they're main tool for blood extraction is stabbing their victims with their thumb nail which elongates similar to a fang when they're hungry.  A saving grace being that the thumb nail does act similar to the way fangs are treated in other vampire movies where being sexually aroused does cause it to grow as well.  
It's not a bad movie at all though the 2 hour run time is a bit much to tell this story.  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 3 out of 5

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